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Delivering Audiovisual Peoria IL Clients Recommend for the Best Results

Technology only meets your daily challenges when its users know how to get the most out of its capability. IAS Technology has made delivering you custom solutions with the best user experience (UX) its business since 1993. The audiovisual Peoria IL customers want should make hitting your goals easier. Thus, call us today at 309-693-1916 or contact us online to set in motion solutions that make your goals achievable.

Audiovisual Peoria IL Companies Use to Do Business the Smart Way

IAS Technology recognizes the best solutions are designed specifically for the unique challenges your business faces. For that reason, we meet with you to discuss your obstacles and objectives. As a result, our crew designs a solution and submits a proposal that is built just for you. Then, we install audiovisual Peoria IL businesses use as a tool to achieve their goals. In addition, we create added value by making our solutions economical, fast and simple to set up. Furthermore, they are easy for users to understand. In order to approach the way you do business differently, consider what we can offer you:

  • User-Friendly Control & Automation
  • Cloud-Based Conferencing Systems
  • Collaborative Web-Conference Rooms
  • Video Presentation Systems
  • Audio/Video Conferencing
  • Emergency Notification
  • Paging
  • Huddle Rooms
  • Divisible Training & Multipurpose Rooms
  • Command & Control Operation Centers
  • Digital Signage
  • Sound Masking
  • Completely Individualized Solutions

Medical & Industrial Audiovisual Peoria IL Clients Use to Train Their Workforce

IAS Technology delivers solutions for audiovisual Peoria IL medical & industrial customers rely on. Our available medical simulation and IPTV/CATV distribution gives clients the ability to train the next wave of their workforce. In addition, our emergency notifications and paging provides faster emergency communication.

Education & Arts Audiovisual Peoria IL Teachers Use to Stimulate Students

IAS Technology provides audiovisual Peoria IL instructors enjoy for better interactive environments for students. Whether its interactive classrooms, collaboration spaces or wireless solutions, IAS Technology makes resources that help teachers enhance the learning experience. Hence, our solutions empower speakers in auditoriums, boost the sounds of performing arts centers and stimulate the experience in gymnasiums and athletic facilities. To get a solution made specifically for you, call us now at 309-693-1916 or contact us online.

Audiovisual Peoria IL

Audiovisual Peoria IL Guides Count On to Improve Tours or Training

Tours are easier to hear and training programs benefit from our solutions. IAS Technology offers high noise environment and RF resistant equipment to provide better tour experiences. In addition, our executive systems, wireless touring capability and wireless training applications add capability to you.

Audiovisual Peoria IL Churches Use to Transform Fellowship Spaces

IAS Technology offers audiovisual Peoria IL churches use to revolutionize sanctuaries, community rooms and fellowship halls. For that reason, our solutions enhance acoustics, reinforce audio, make video presentations engaging and make controls user friendly. As a result, the sights and sounds of services resonate with congregations.

Entertainment Venues Use the Audiovisual Peoria IL Patrons Rely on for Excitement

IAS Technology can create memorable concerts, experiences and interactive features to add thrills to your entertainment venue.

Managed Maintenance & Service Agreements

Audiovisual Peoria IL

IAS Technology offers the convenience of maintenance and managed service plans to keep your solutions working well at the right price. In order to provide convenience for you, plans include but are not limited to:

  • Pre-Paid Discounted Service Labor
  • Recurring Preventive Maintenance – These visits include a complete system check, extra training for technical staff, maintenance on minor items and firmware upgrades.
  • Extended Warranties
  • Emergency Service Plans – We fix what is wrong quickly for you with priority scheduling.
  • Upgrades – Funds are earmarked for replacement parts such as lamps, filters, microphones, etc. Upon renewal, any unused funds are allocated to the purchase of future service parts or system upgrades.
  • Service Rewards Programs

Service Reward Program Packages

IAS Technology gives our clients options with varied service reward packages to fit their budget. Thus, here are available packages for clients within 2 hours of Peoria IL:

  • Starter Package ($2,200 yearly) – You get priority scheduling, one preventative maintenance visit, labor cost for two unscheduled work orders, $500 for parts/upgrades/future purchases and additional unscheduled work orders at a discounted rate.
  • Standard Package ($3,200 yearly) – Benefits include priority scheduling, two preventative maintenance visits, labor cost for two unscheduled work orders, $1,000 for parts/upgrades/future purchases and additional unscheduled work orders at a discount.
  • Premier Package ($5,200 yearly) – Clients receive priority scheduling, two preventative maintenance visits, labor cost for four unscheduled work orders, $1,500 for parts/upgrades/future purchases and additional unscheduled work orders at a discount.
  • Custom Packages available

Pay-As-You-Go Audiovisual Peoria IL Clients Pick to Manage Expenses

IAS Technology recognizes some customers prefer to spread the expense of their audiovisual solutions out over time. For that purpose, we offer room packages that deliver the capability you want without a large up-front investment. To that end, IAS works with you to find the best fit for your budget. Hence, here are our flexible room packages:

Audiovisual Peoria IL
  • Huddle Room ($250 monthly) – Clients get the use of a 43-inch display, power-up-and-go capability, a high-quality audio & conferencing camera and trouble-free maintenance and service.
  • Training Room ($375 monthly) – Customers get access to a 70-inch display, wireless BYOD technology, plug-and-play ease of use, a high-quality audio & conferencing camera and trouble-free maintenance and service.
  • Executive Room ($825 monthly) – Clients gain an 80-inch display, wireless BYOD technology, plug-and-play ease of use, multi-element microphones, full-acoustic echo cancellation, a high-definition PTZ conferencing camera and trouble-free maintenance and service.
  • Custom Room – We work with you to build solutions or contract terms.
  • Additional options – You can add data analytics and centralized control, cloud-based conferencing services, a larger or interactive touch display and in-room device streaming to any of your packages.
  • All prices displayed are approximate starting rates with no money down on 5-year contracts and are subject to credit approval.

Contact Us for Audiovisual Peoria IL Users Choose for Better Experiences

Act fast to upgrade with the audiovisual Peoria IL clients need to make more compelling interactions with technology. In order to get started, call us today at 309-693-1916 or use our toll-free line at 1-800-500-8005. Since some clients prefer to ask for quotes online, we invite you to use our contact form. In addition, we are located at 7706 N Crestline Drive in Peoria. We serve clients in Peoria, Champaign, Bloomington, Springfield, Davenport and around the globe.