Crestron Control System Illinois

Crestron Control System Illinois

Choose a Creston Control System in Illinois

IAS Technology is your trusted supplier of the latest and greatest technological products on the market today. Thus, we only sell products by manufacturers we trust. Crestron is one such company. Crestron control systems range from hardware and interfaces to software and wireless communications. Consequently, Crestron Electronics has been a leader in technological innovation since 1971, creating automation solutions that transform the way people live their lives. Their products are designed to make everyday tasks easier while improving efficiency, comfort and productivity. Always at the forefront of cutting-edge technology, Crestron offers faster, better solutions that address the needs of customers all over the world, and Illinois in particular. Here at IAS Technology, we sell products that are high in quality to serve the needs of our customers. Thus, choose a Crestron control system in Illinois with us today.

Our Offerings

All of the control system equipment we offer from Crestron is built to top standards of excellence. This manufacturer offers end-to-end solutions as part of a complete line of hardware and software. Crestron connects and controls devices as well as integrates and automates all the building systems necessary to connect your home or business. From audio and video to lighting and climate control, Crestron makes wiring and installations easier while promoting system integrity.

Feel free to search through our many categories of products. Therefore, here’s a look at just some of the control system products we sell from Crestron:

Crestron Control System Illinois
  • Accessories (docking stations, presentation controller labels, light bars, faceplates)
  • Building and enterprise management hardware
  • Control cards
  • Control modules
  • Distribution devices
  • Control panel interfaces
  • Software
  • Control system software
  • Development software
  • Virtual control surfaces
  • Remotes
  • Finally, keypads

Contact IAS Technology in Illinois

If you would like to ask more questions about our Crestron control systems, please contact us at our corporate headquarters at 7706 N Crestline Drive in Peoria. In conclusion, call 309-693-1916 or toll free at 800-500-8005 Monday through Saturday 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.