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Use a Smart Board Peoria IL Clients Rely On for Enhanced Interactivity

The value of a smart board Peoria IL businesses and classrooms use to benefit meetings and lesson plans is significant. As a result, IAS Technology can incorporate a smart board into a custom solution designed specifically for your work space or learning center. Hence, we make it our business to provide you with the best user experience (UX) and have delivered on that promise since 1993. For that reason, call us today at 309-693-1916 or contact us online for smart boards or other solutions personalized to your needs and challenges.

Why Do I Need a Smart Board?

IAS Technology does not believe in generic solutions. Therefore, we believe the smart board Peoria IL clients recommend could help your business or school. Since you may want some inspiration, here are ways our customers tell us their smart boards help them:

  • Meetings become collaborative exchanges – Rather than spending time having a PowerPoint presentation read to them, meeting participants can engage with the information being discussed. Your team can easily share, access, edit and save files to make real-time changes and give feedback on the presentation.
  • Students get a more stimulating experience – Not all scholars learn the same way. Smart boards allow tactile learners to interact with the information on the board while visual learners can watch and react to what they are seeing.
  • Better Communication – Everyone receives the same information at the same time. This helps employees and students figure out problems together.
  • Mobile Connectivity – Workers and students can maintain their productivity remotely. This allows you to reach a bigger audience and have more participation.
  • Touch Technology – You no longer need to worry about the occasional awkwardness of a mouse or finicky pointers. This cuts down on wasted time during presentations and allows for easier interaction.

What Happens If I Have Problems with My Smart Board?

IAS Technology offers managed maintenance and service agreements, service reward programs and pay-as-you-go packages for your convenience. In order to find solutions tailored to their needs, we invite those interested in a smart board Peoria IL clients recommend to call us at 309-693-1916 or contact us online to discuss how we can begin to help.

Smart Board Peoria IL

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IAS Technology takes the time to work with you in a one-on-one meeting to find exactly the right solutions at exactly the right price. Since you want to maximize the productivity of your employees or students, call us today at
309-693-1916 or use our toll-free line at 1-800-500-8005. Also, you can contact us online if that is easier. We are located at 7706 N Crestline Drive in Peoria, where we meet the needs of clients in Peoria, Bloomington, Champaign, Springfield, Davenport and all around the globe.