Audio Visual Service Support

Service Department

IAS Technology provides the audiovisual support and field services that you need to keep your systems reliable and performing at their peak.  Our trained professionals are always on-call.

IAS support services can be reached through the following:
Direct: 800-500-8005 or 309-693-1916
Email: support@IAStechnology.net
Web: http://www.IAStechnology.net/Support

Call Response
All calls for assistance are logged as an open case number in the service department ticketing system and remain open until a resolution to the initial report is achieved.

The case number is the clients’ unique identifier about a specific request and should be used and communicated whenever contacting the service team about an open case.
When a case is opened, the service team will classify the case either as a standard, intermediate, high, critical or maintenance request.

Onsite technician arrival: Once the service team has diagnosed the issue remotely and an onsite technician has been determined to be necessary, a field technician will be dispatched and arrive onsite after the appointment is coordinated and confirmed with the client. If a replacement part is required, the technician will be dispatched in coordination with the arrival of the replacement parts.

Support Process (Example)
Level 1 Support
• Log call and identify level of coverage for equipment in crisis
• Check equipment/system status for errors
• Perform complete diagnostics and analysis remotely
• Determine systems all working within manufacturer specifications
• Adjust any settings to repair problem
• Escalate to Level 2 if problem is not resolved

Level 2 Support
• Diagnose and identify cause of problem
• Repair remotely via remote access to equipment or,
• Identify defective equipment and order replacement components from manufacturer
• Schedule parts delivery from manufacturer
• Dispatch technician per contract or on a time and material basis to arrive with replacement part
• Escalate to Level 3 if problem is not resolved

Level 3 Support
• Escalate problem to manufacturer engineering for resolution
• Work with manufacturer’s engineering to test and provide information
• Implement fix provided by manufacturer’s engineering and test
• Close Case

If there is an issue with the response you are receiving from the service personnel or the timeframes to resolution are not in line with the above procedures, escalation of the case should be directed in the following order:

Dale Lewis: Service Manager
Direct: 800-500-8005 x116
Email: dale@IAStechnology.net

Dave Miller: Chief Operations Officer
Direct: 800-500-8005 x117
Email: dave@IAStechnology.net