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Nov 15, 2018

Wireless Tour Guide: Enhance Your Message

We all know a “loud talker.”  This is a trait of many people in the world.  Loud talkers are often forced to be this way in many different types of presentation situations. Maybe that evokes many distant, or maybe not-so-distant, memories of teachers in classrooms, lunchrooms, hallways, and school field trips. Being a loud talker in itself is not necessarily a bad thing, but you probably don’t associate this specific tone with the way you would want your customers to hear you. After all, you aren’t lecturing your customers about your products; you are sharing vital information with clients or would-be prospects who could benefit from clear intelligible audio.

A good example of a group of professionals who sometimes feel the need to resort to being a loud talker in their daily work are tour guides.  These are individuals who take groups of people through their company’s manufacturing plants and facilities are at a great disadvantage. They must usher a group of people through an environment that is busy and noisy with lots of distractions, all the while trying to explain the company’s complicated manufacturing process for its products. These professionals may feel the need to resort to being a loud talker (at scripted and memorized message points) just to keep the group moving along and on time.

Is this the best way to deal with the complicated challenge that these corporate tour guides face?

What many companies have decided to do instead is turn to the Wireless Tour Guide System. The Wireless Tour Guide System solves the problem your issue of “how do I keep my tour personal and engaging, while also moving larger groups of people through at the same time?” It allows companies to maintain the personal feel of a one-on-one tour, even with a larger group.

Mom-and-pop shops all the way to Fortune 500 companies have found that their customers stay engaged more and do not stray from their message with the Wireless Tour Guide System.

Why does being a loud talker simply not work?  It is related to a basic premise in acoustics known as critical distance.  Simply put Critical Distance is the distance from the sound source where the direct and reverberant sound energies become equal.   The more reverberant a room is, the closer the Critical Distance is to the sound source.   The more absorbent a room is, the further the Critical Distance is from the sound source.   (Critical Distance is different at all frequencies).  Now apply this concept to basic background noise. When the sound energy from the presenter is being overcome by reverberant sound or other noise, a supplementary reinforcement system must be put into place.  A distant voice loses its effectiveness when the listener misses a key detail 20 minutes ago and everything else no longer makes sense.

Additionally, the guide giving a tour and presenting can become taxed and strain their voice causing exhaustion and fatigue.  Wireless Tour Guide Systems prevent someone from missing those key pieces of information because the equipment delivers the company’s key messages directly to each individual listener in a pleasant, professional, conversational voice.  These systems also allow for the presenters to be comfortable and not fatigued at the end of each tour or day.  Wireless Tour Guide Systems overcome the barriers of noise and reverberation and ensure everyone hears every word with clarity.

Why do people wear headphones when listening to their favorite song, when phones and computers have speakers? They want to hear the instrumental details or the message the artist is trying to convey while not letting ambient noise distract them from catching every note. They want to feel at one with what they’re listening to. Your company’s message deserves the same respect. Don’t let your customers’ minds wander and miss that ever-so-important information.

Your company works hard to convey a message. Let that message be heard.  IAS Tour Guide is the nationwide leader in custom tour guide technology.  Visit TourGuideSystem.com for information on how IAS Tour Guide can help convey your message.


About Zach Towery

Zach is the lead sales design engineer at IAS Tour Guide.  With almost a decade of experience specializing in custom tour guide solutions, Zach and IAS Tour Guide has helped Caterpillar, Louisville Slugger, Exxon Mobile, Coca-Cola, General Motors and many other Fortune 500 companies enhance their guided tours.  Zach holds key manufacturer certifications and enjoys all aspects and challenges of wireless tour guide that are presented to him.  Zach can be reached by email zach@iastechnology.net .